How The Internet Has Become A Major Vehicle For Social Interactions

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The Internet has become a major vehicle for social encounters in the last two decades. Through the Internet, people can interact over greater distances in a shorter period and at less expense than in the past. Since the evolution of the Internet, there is less face-to-face interaction and more communication via text messages, emails, and online chatting. This social stigma is up for much debate on how it relates to the progression in romantic relationships. This literature review focuses on how the Internet is utilized as a supportive method of courting used by individuals to meet online in hopes of forming a romantic relationship.
Counterarguments suggest that online communication expands social interaction because it connects you to a plethora of people at a fast rate. The research of Cooper and Sportolari (1997) was significantly useful because according to experts, the use of the Internet in romantic relationships lowers the pressure of physical attributes, more freedom to meet someone new regardless of gender, and allows you to develop healthy relationships with a variety of people.
Merge of the Internet and Online Dating
Online dating, or communicating with individuals via the Internet with the purpose of finding romantic partners, constitutes a new realm in which searching for romantic partners via Internet dating sites has become a common strategy for mate selection and thus has changed the dating process. According to the research of Sautter, Tippett, &
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