How The Internet Has Changed The World

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Since its early beginnings, the internet was destined to change the world in ways we never thought were possible. At our fingertips, we have access to an immeasurable amount of resources wherever and whenever we desire it. Need new clothes but don’t feel like scrambling through other shoppers at the mall? Just go on your retailer’s website and shop from there. Undecided on what to cook for dinner? The choices are endless with many recipes to choose from online, possibly with a tutorial. Need your voice to be heard on a global platform where millions a people can see it? Just open your laptop or grab your cellphone. Everyone from politicians to celebrities use the internet to get their messages across to the masses. The great thing about…show more content…
In the beginning, he starts off by showing a dated AOL commercial to state the idea that the internet was put in place to make life better. “The internet has become integral to modern life, but unfortunately, it has also become a haven for harassment” (Oliver 2:04), this was said immediately after the AOL ad finished. This sentence alone switched the tone from comedic to a bit more concerning and a bit enraging. As the show continues, he provides examples of women who have been victim of online threats, abuse, and even revenge porn. He maintains an assertive tone not only to show the audience how serious of an issue this is to himself, but why it should be for anybody who uses the internet. “A whole new way to wreck their lives,” (Oliver 6:14) and “devastating,” are just a few of the word choices he uses for his argument. To brighten up the mood a bit, he also uses funny analogies like the one where he compares police not knowing how a suspect uses twitter to harass, to a police officer not knowing how a suspect used water to drown someone (Oliver 6:09). A reoccurring point Oliver keeps mentioning is the involvement of the law in these situations. He mentions that, “we’re going to need some new laws” (Oliver 12:04). Not only does Oliver state that it is a legal issue, but a community issue overall. “It comes down to us, to fundamentally change the way we think about the internet” (Oliver 13:55). Oliver reveals that his intended
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