How The Journalism Industry As A Whole Is Being Impacted By The Ethical Lapses Of Photojournalism?

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Research Proposal Huba Zulfiqar
London Southbank University Table of Contents
Research question 1
Objective of the research 1
Research Rationale 2
Literature Review 3
Methodology 5
References 6 Photojournalism and its Ethical Lapses

Research question
How the journalism industry as a whole is being impacted by the ethical lapses of photojournalism?

Objective of the research

Photojournalism has been considered one of the most important pillars of the field of journalism. A picture is worth a thousand words. For this particular reason the visual representation of important events is as necessary in the modern era of journalism as the words themselves. Many of the times, the picture precedes the words and words alone are not able to fully describe the importance of any event. It therefore becomes fundamental and consequential that photojournalism is provided the equal importance as is provided to the print journalism. The particular objective of the research is to highlight such importance. As the journalism is progressing, new issues related to ethics are arising. In recent time a number of ethical issues have been identified in photojournalism. These ethical lapses have negatively influenced photojournalism, but at the same time its impact on overall field of journalism has also been extensive. The research tries to identify the actual nature of the ethical lapses in photojournalism and to what extent; the overall journalism is being impacted by such

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