How The Laws Of Motion Can Help On Preventing A Car Accident

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My research question is about how the laws of motion apply to automobiles. I am interested in this research question because people do not realize how knowing the laws of motion can help on preventing a car accident. By having the knowledge of these laws of motion, people can understand why engineers make the cars like they do. The question and importance of the use of the seat belt can be answered. People can now understand why speed limits are used. Also, they can know why some cars accelerate faster than the others. All these questions can be answered with the three laws of motion. It can go from the use of the seat belt to the very bottom of the creation of the car. Knowing the laws of motion can help understand the effects that can occur with actions like not putting the seat belt on. There are three laws of motion described by Isaac Newton which are basically about forces and motions. Isaac Newton was a mathematician, scientist, and physician. The first law of motion is mostly recognized as “The Law of Inertia”. The second law of motion is the law that states that the force used in order to accelerate an object depends on the mass of said object. The more the mass the more force that is needed in order to accelerate said object. Also, the ones who are the ones to build race cars try to make the cars smaller and the mass of the engines a lot less than the regular cars. This is the reason why when the race car crashes there is not much within the car

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