How The Line Managers And The Human Resource Managers Work

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The case study will describe how the line managers and the human resource managers work hand in hand to apply and develop an initiative for culture change on a higher performance working based on New Zealand Post. The case focuses on the documentation and discussions with the managers involved. It charts the initiative implementation in improving the leadership qualities on the management of the delivery business with outstanding outcomes. New Zealand post is one of the most celebrated companies (Gibson, 2001). The company was rated as one of the oldest with their heritage dating in 1840s. The government was run as a government department until the company was transformed to a state owned company. This brought an arm’s length dependence to…show more content…
More than 180 leaders employed in the business had a crucial role to ensure that the best operating processes are implemented every day (Amar, 2002). When the nature of the business changed, they experienced challenges in area such as matching resourced to day to day fluctuation of mail volumes industrial relations, managing labour budgets, and new initiatives. It also has the flexibility in engaging and meeting the demand of the increasing and diverse workforce.

The roles of the frontline developed into a main leadership role mainly as the company became too dynamic. They were required to have a direct role for the retention, development, recruitment, and motivation of the main workforce of the support staff and the posties which they had to develop a mindset that is customer focused. They had to respond to some of the challenges that are presented to the workforce that is highly unionized and what was recently considered as a tight labour (Terziovski, 2008). These were the signs that the performance and the behavior of the frontline leadership cohort were not available. Across the branches, the performance was inconsistent across the BSC area. The new initiatives were hard to implement this is because the issues were not dealt with early enough (Gibson, 2001). The company came up with a Great Operations And Leadership initiative that was meant to go beyond the conventional approach to place the leaders on
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