How The Low Income Of Countries Such As Chad And Papua New Guinea

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Introduction This report is to help introduce the low income of countries such as Chad and Papua New Guinea, and comparing them to a country such as Sweden who has no income. For years, certain countries, as the two listed above cannot maintain a lifestyle with the incomes that are available to them. Using incomes will help to see where the problem is occurring and how it might be approached to aid the countries. Reporting on the countries will give insight into a historical background including independence of the countries, along with education, literacy, life factors, and poverty by using the GINI to show how wide the gaps can be and become. Historical Background In 1946 Chad became an Overseas Territory of France and on August 11, 1960 obtained independence, but short lived, because of a tyrant dictator, Francois Tombalbaye, who never really released them from his grip, and Chad had been in a civil war, until 1990 when Idriss Deby, a military commander, took control and with his rule, multi-party politics has returned to Chad, giving some freedoms back to its citizens (Chad 's long road to independence, 2010). Papua New Guinea was under the government of Australia, and the UN pushed Australia to give Papua New Guinea independence and help create a group that would be able to run a government through social and educated influences. On September 16, 1975 Papua New Guinea obtained their independence with a monarchy ruled by Queen Elizabeth II as head of state represented

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