How The Market Organization Helps Maintain A Healthy Relationship With People

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INTRODUCTION In this competitive scenario, every organization aspires to be the market leader. So in order to capture the market organization needs to maintain a healthy relationship with people. The key entities through which an organization can outperform is its competitors and create a positive image in mind of people by providing good services and by understanding the problems faced by them and their expectations; it makes easier for the organization to tap those particular areas. There are many organizations in this country for providing the same services but difference comes in the quality, consistency and amount of resources used for service of same and it varies from organization to organization. So I choose one of the best organizations in this area which have good relationships with customers and have a good reputation in the market. The project mainly concentrates on maintenance of coaches in Indian Railways (Northern Railways) in Coach Care Center and makes it run on tracks again. This includes the proper identification of the fault and repairing it as soon as possible matters a lot to organization because if the service is poor then it might not be useful for people. So to get good quality and provide best service to people, organization’s healthy relation in the market and with customers is important. The concentration of the project is upon the Coach Maintenance efficiently because it’s the largest rail network in world and lifeline of the country.
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