How The Marketing Environment Globally Changed Over The Last Ten Years

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Program: Master of Business Administration
Subject Name: Clients and Markets
Subject Code: MCR005 (A)
Method / Type: Individual Assignment (Essay)
Group or Individual: Individual
Student ID: 1344341
Student Name: Nikesh
Total Marks: 25
Semester / Year: Two - 2015
Submission Date: Week Five (Friday 14th August midnight)
Lecturer’s Name: Leanne McCoy

Discuss how the marketing environment globally changed over the last
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Marketing methods have made major developments as web presence and social media have continued to soar in their ability to influence consumer behaviour. As marketing companies continue to gather consumers behaviours through online surveys, focus groups.(James Stone). Consumers now get depth information about product or service via internet. Now organisations are providing 24/7 online services to their customers.

The American Marketing Association defines marketing as - It is the activity includes set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large which adds to profits ( kotler & keller, 2012). Marketing Management means the analysis, planning, implementation and control of plans or programs designed to create, build and maintain beneficial exchange with target consumers for the purpose of achieving organisational objectives. The objectives of marketing management are to create demand through different means by providing information about the utility of product, customer satisfaction, to increase market share and profit, to create goodwill and public image. Today’s marketers are focusing to maintain reputation in the eyes of their customers. The term of marketing changes as the marketing environment changes. Now, marketing functions are not limited. Customers are smarter and more
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