How The Media Influences Gender Roles

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How the Media Influences Gender Roles in Adolescents
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7 April 2015
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Gabrielle Burns

How the Media Influences Gender Roles in Adolescents One of today’s thriving issues is the strong gender gaps that exist in American society. Beginning at birth, the hospital assigns blue blankets to boys and pink blankets to girls because those are presumably colors that are fit for each gender. In the toddler stages of life, we can see gender gaps created by the toys children are expected to play with: dolls for little girls, while boys are expected to play with trucks. These same gender gaps that are instilled in childhood carry into the adolescent years and it is argued that there is an acceleration of gender-differential socialization during this time. Through guidance from various aspects of our society, we continue to uphold and support the strict gender differences. One aspect of our society that is of concern in relation to this issue is the media. Today’s media sources are not only large and powerful, but they also strongly reinforce these stereotypical gender standards. The adolescent years are a time of great learning and growing and these years in between childhood and adulthood help to define key aspects of our character. The exposure of adolescents to the strong content available in the media today has a profound impact on how they…
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