How The Media Is The Issue Of The 21st Century

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1. "The relationship of money to Free Speech is the issue of the 21st century." (Bill Moyers in Freedom of Speech for Sale). a) In the light of this quotation, explain both the advantages and dangers of media ownership concentrated in only a few mega-corporations. Refer to specific readings/viewings to back up your thoughts. b) According to Robert McChesney ("Corporate Media & the Threat to Democracy"), and the movie Free Speech for Sale, why is such a concentration of corporate ownership a "threat to democracy"? (Hint: begin by defining "democracy.") c) Include in your discussion both what the function of the media should be in a democracy, and what the function of the media is in danger of becoming under the current system. Use specific examples from the readings and the viewings. The issue in the 21st century is the fact that corporations are the hand that guides the media and the government. When Viacom, Disney, and other large companies are also paying for the lobbying for the politicians, it is no longer a democracy for the people, by the people, but a corporatocracy. This is a term used to refer to an economic and political system under control by corporations and/or corporate interests. Only the people with deep pockets use their access to the media to overwhelm the general public. Such as The Telecom Act of 1996 tried to break up television monopolies but Title 3 "Cable Services", which allowed for media cross-ownership just basically canceled out the main idea
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