How The Media Maintains Racism

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How The Media Maintains Racism Introduction Mass Media has perpetuated racism through the inaccurate coverage of news in our country. The media has played a huge role in prolonging racism by disproportionally reporting on events and news that are tied to minority races. Decision makers should take notice to this awful trend because are country is becoming more and more racially divided day after day. The media has only weakened already weak ties between the white majority and minorities, creating much controversy and hostility. It is vital for policy makers and the american people to realize that the media’s agenda is much different from the public agenda and that the media does not operate in the benefit of American society. It is important to know that the media has drastically affected core values and put our country’s progression of race relations in danger. Core values the media have affected I believe that the media has negatively affected honesty and integrity, two values our society is built on. It’s my contention that the media has not been clear with their intentions and motives with reporting news, creating great diversity amongst such an adverse country like ours. I also believe that the choices our media has made in the way they report the news has actually increased interracial distrust because if the media can’t be trusted with how they operate, how can the american people believe that everyone has trustworthy motives? Although our country prides itself on
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