How The Media Regulate Agents

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What is the Landscape Currently?
Now that an analysis has been constructed to compare the media regulating agents, a second analysis must be molded in order to recognize the current media landscape. This needs to be established in order to bring justification to any policy changes at the government or industrial levels. If the common child’s media landscape reflexes the sociocultural environment that is desired, then no policy change is require. On the other hand, if there is dissonance present, then a policy adjustment is needed. The question now rises on what type of sociocultural environment is desired. While this can be highly subjected on an individual case, one could make argument for broaden sociocultural goals on a macro or
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With that being said, it is still possible to create a sociocultural goal to act as a standard to compare with media policies. Many of these standards are already incorporated into the language of American policies. For example, violence, sexual, profane, and dangerous substance contents are used as a standard in most of the industries’ regulatory systems. Typically these standards are a reflection of risky or illegal behavior that could be modeled by the audience. For the purpose of this article, a look at two of these common standards will be evaluated in two parts. First, an evaluation of the media content’s relationship to influence the audience to conduct in a risky behavior will be reviewed, and second it’s prevalence in the current media landscape will be mentioned. For the sake of relevance towards the legality of the situation, this article will look at the content of violent and sexual content in media. While many other standards can and need to be discussed, these two are the most prevalent in the current media and political conversation. How does Violence Play in Children Media? In a longitudinal study that lasted for fifteen years, Leonard Eron and Rowell Huesmann found a specific causation between the violent television content and an increase amount of aggression from adults who were raised in this
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