How The Middle Ages Influenced the Renaissance.

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The High Middle Ages (1001-1300) In the Middle Ages, art was centered around the Church. The purpose of art was to glorify the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Altshuler, 2009, p. 127). Art was not made to produce a feeling it was made simply to tell a story. Artists were usually sanctioned by the church to complete specific works. All artists were male with the exception of some women who did embroideries (Altshuler, 2009, p. 127). Many different types of media was used during this time including; paint, embroidery, stain glass, relief statues and more. Artwork in the Middle Ages contained certain characteristics. In all forms of media, the figures in the piece were usually disproportionate. Their heads would appear…show more content…
Science had been silenced for so many years by the church that it exploded in The Renaissance. New inventions and discoveries were being made rapidly. The entire attitude of everyday people had changed. People wanted things out of life other than a trip to Heaven. People wanted to learn, to create, to grow as individuals. This attitude fueled artists to push themselves and in the end created so of the most well known pieces of art in all of history. The Relationship between The Middle Ages and The Renaissance The Middle Ages was all about order. The Church was the center of life and community. Each individual knew and accepted his or her place in society. The Renaissance was all about change. During The Renaissance, everything was challenged including the Church. Artists of great magnitude emerged during this time. Middle Age art and Renaissance art has one common characteristic: many are themed around Christianity. However, as far as style is concerned, the two periods vary greatly. Middle Age art was about function. The pieces told the stories of the Church and of war. The colors were muted because of a lack of good paint. Perspective and proportions were incorrect. The faces of figures were not realistic and generally very masculine. The statues were done in relief and the paintings seemed flat. In contrast, art in The Renaissance was about beauty. The pieces invoked emotion while telling a story. The colors were bright and vibrant

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