How The Mind Is An Essential Tool For My Success As An Engineer Essay

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The synthesizing mind concentrates sticking to a defined process or rule. Also, the synthesizing mind reviews the instruction given and define what option would achieve a set goal best. From the mind analysis chart in figure 1.1 above, I allotted 22% to synthesizing mind as buttress the fact that I follow a set of rules in my professional life. Coming from an engineering background where rules and process are defined, from project proposal to pre-design, unto execution and then to commissioning, each phase requires that strict process or rule must be strictly adhere to. If I don’t apply this mind for the future in my day to day life as an engineer, then there will be disagreement between my management team and me. I will still be applying the synthesizing mind as it is an essential tool for my success as an engineer, a team leader, a manager, and future director. The creating mind can also be called an innovating mind. The creating mind focuses on ways to improve or enhance processes which would in-turn improve productivity and profitability. The creating mind explores new ways and opportunities in improving profitability and productivity. From the mind analysis chart in figure 1.1 above, I assigned 12% to the creating mind to explain how I have using the mind in my professional development. The creating mind is the least mind from the chart as I am not well utilizing it. I intend to establish an automation/engineering company that would rival the best in the world and I am

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