How The Mind Works At A Young Age?

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I first became interested in how the mind works at a young age. An introspective and deep thinker, I would take inventory of the people around me and the way they behaved. I assessed why a certain reaction may have occurred between two parties, whether the reaction was positive or negative. Replaying scenarios in my head, like Sherlock Holmes, became more prolific as the term “manic depression” came into my life. Manic depression, also known as bipolar disorder, became a topic of regular conversation between my sister and me over time, as she was diagnosed with it. I struggled to understand bipolar disorder and wanted to know more, what its symptoms are, and how it affects the person diagnosed with it. Furthermore, good mental health, while crucial, is equally fundamental to an individual’s overall physical health in my personal opinion. A person’s physical health, through good and complete nutrition, has become an enormous factor in my recent enrollment in college. I want to help people feel good about themselves, that they have a say in how healthy and whole they feel, and to equip them with knowledge and tools. That’s what led me to pursuit a degree in dietetics. I feel I am on a dual quest. I am searching out ways to obtain good mental and physical health. This quest united my passion for optimal nutrition with understanding bipolar disorder: are they connected? Will what I find in my research help my sister? Will I discover something new through my search? These…
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