How The Motherboard Is The Most Important Parts That Make Up The Pc

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The Motherboard is one of the most important parts that make up the PC. It is the main part as it connects and holds together some of the most vital components such as the CPU. The CPU consists of various different connectors such as the RAM, ROM and DRAM. It also has slots for more hard drives, video graphics card and a power box/supply to transfer power to all the different components connect to the CPU. The motherboard is the spine of a PC as it is required to plug in all the other components, the reason why all the systems components are all plugged in to one board is so all the components are able to communicate and work together. The processor (CPU) is the hardware that is the brain of the PC as it get and carries out all the…show more content…
The fans normally suck in air from the back and discharger of the front, also air vents in the sides of the PC cases will help the air flow keep the PC cool. The power supply is the component to a computer that will supply power to all the other devices and components. The power supply 's voltage depends on what kind/advanced you’re other components need and if you give your computer more than you need then it may over heat and if you give your computer less it may run slowly and keep on crashing/freezing. The power supply in constantly feeding power to the computer and will gain heat very fast, to stop the power supply from overheating or becoming too hot there are built in fans to keep it cool. The power supply gets all of its electricity power from the mains in your house/office which means that some old power supplies could break from power cuts or surges, todays versions have a fuse in to stop the supply from breaking so easily. Primary storage is basically the computer’s memory that is accessed by the CPU. Some examples of primary storages can be ROM, RAM and the processor cache. The reason why there are so many storage devices is because some are much faster to access, for example applications will load through your RAM as it is faster than getting it through your storage device. RAM is used every time to open a program from the hard drive, this is because it’s faster. The ROM is storage the computer uses to start/boot up your computer when you

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