How The Multigenerational Workforce Work

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First and foremost, to understand how the Multigenerational Workforce works, we must know the driving forces behind the current four generations and where they stand today. Veterans (1922-1945) Majority of the veterans that remain in the workforce today have diminished to the point where they barely hold any positions in companies. You would typically see the veterans in positions that hold high merit within the company such as Presidents of corporations or board members within prominent companies. Due to their lengthy tenure (65+ years) therefore, their approach often views experience the wiser choice when making decisions impacting a company. Their decision to remain amongst the multigenerational workforce, is due to their choice not to retire, and their contribution which has had a significant effect on the organization and they might feel like someone wouldn’t be competent enough to complete the work in their position. Having this mindset will eventually lead to having a 5th generation entering the workforce which is unheard of. A strategy to communicate could be to use the realities of a work place and what advantages they could contribute towards furthering the company even further. Some things can only be learned through experience, rather than being taught through a book or classroom. Purely speaking from my own personal observation, I wouldn’t say veterans need training and would be the ones to train the younger generations preparing them to enter the next step
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