How The Nazi 's Persecuted The Jews Between 1933-1938

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Explain how the Nazi’s persecuted the Jews between 1933-1938
This essay is going to discuss the ways in which the Nazi’s persecuted the Jews between the years of 1933 to 1938. Through the rise of Nazism, Nazi beliefs and propaganda, Nuremberg laws and the Kristallnacht in which will be explained in detail, I will provide a knowledge based analysis of pre-war life and the initial lead up to the war.
The rise of Nazism
Dating back to oldest of human history there was always a hatred for the Jews by others, this hate that was passed down from generation to generation that built up slowly til someone took it too far; Anti-Semitism is what it is now known as, resentment to the Jews that started from lies and passed on through rumours. Adolf Hitler was a man of resentment, he was leader of the Nazi’s; a German extreme political party who held a strong hatred for the Jewish race. Hitler had loathed the Jews all his life and when it came to the great depression where everyone was so very upset he used this as an opportunity to throw shade on the Jews and blame them for all their wrongs of their lives and people were desperate enough to accept this reasoning in hope for a better life. Hitler gained massive acceptance with the nation and his political party grew threw the course of two years and by 1933 the Nazi’s had taken over without even having won an election all thanks to Hitler’s persuasiveness that granted him the chance of becoming Chancellor. Hitler used all of his power to
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