How The Nurse Can Provide Safe And Effective Care

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Written Scholarly Jacob Forseth Anoka-Ramsey Community College NURS 2700 October 31, 2016 Written Scholarly With the ever-growing metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and the increasing number of people aging into the geriatric community, hospitals and ground ambulance services are being used more than ever. This means that safe and effective care is needed more now than ever before, and therefore we need more services such as Life Link III. This air ambulance service can bring people from outside the metro area to a healthcare facility with ease and excellence. Their safety standards are through the roof, and they’re able to provide their services to different parts of country, flying patients from Minnesota to various specialty centers in the country so that they can receive the best care possible. This paper will discuss how the nurse can provide safe and effective care while also promoting the quickest healing time possible. Nursing Values Historically, the nursing practice wasn’t seen as a professional job, but leaders such as Nightingale and Barton paved a path for the nursing practice to continue its growth and become stronger. Simple hand washing provided by Nightingale reduced infections caused by operations while Barton helped to establish the American Red Cross (Pearson, 2015) which to this day continues to provide aid to those in need around the world. Contemporary issues for nursing are typically within the healthcare setting.
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