How The Nurse 's Role Effectively Co Ordinating And Managing Care

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According to a study by Lu and Roughead (2011) poor care management and coordination can increase the risk of patients suffering from medical errors or mistakes by one hundred and forty percent. This assignment will analyse the nurse’s role in effectively co-ordinating and managing care. It will critically discuss how this changes in a challenging situation in terms of professional values, communication and interpersonal skills, leadership, management and team working and, nursing practice and decision making to ensure safe patient outcomes are met. Care management and coordination is a very important role of the nurse however, there can be many challenges in partaking in this role, particularly when complex situations arise (Audet and…show more content…
Nurse’s co-ordinate care daily and must have a set of professional values to do so. Nurses must work within legal and professional frameworks set out by the Nursing and Midwifery Council such as, The Code (Nursing and Midwifery Council 2015). The Code reminds us that it is important for nurses to act autonomously and be accountable for safe and person centred care whilst maintaining individual’s privacy and dignity (General Medical Council 2012). Working with healthcare professionals, the patients, their families and outside agencies as part of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) is important to ensure that decisions made with patients about care can be communicated effectively. Nurses should protect the vulnerable whilst being an advocate for their needs and promote individuals autonomy for informed decision making and consent (National Health Service 2010). Leadership and management is necessary in healthcare as leaders can influence and motivate the team in decision making by building relationships with team members and ensuring that every member of the team assists the decision making process by encouraging open communication and staff contributing to the decision making process which is based on professional values and shared visions in healthcare (The American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination 2014). Teamwork is essential to exceptional nursing care, it ensures improved patient outcomes for the individuals
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