How The Nursing And Midwifery Council Essay

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For the purpose of this assignment a discussion of how the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC, 2015a) can guide the provision of person centred nursing care will be explored. Relevant literature will be used to establish the importance of person centeredness in clinical practice and how this can be articulated by the nurse using the guidelines of the code. A conclusion will be included to summarize the findings. It is proposed that the NMC Code epitomises person centred values and by adhering to the code a nurse can provide person centred care.

A study into the nurse’s perspective regarding person-centred care by Ross et al. (2015) recognised that based on various studies by others there are many different interpretations of person centeredness. The study found that from the nurse’s perspective many things were essential to make up person-centred practice. The nurses identified staff’s attitudes, teamwork, empathy and recognising a person’s individuality as key components of person centeredness. Similarly, Scully (2015) recognised in order for high quality person centred care to be delivered leadership, delegation and communication amongst nurses is vital. McCormack and McCance (2017a) summarize these findings in their ‘Person Centred Framework’, which recognises in order for person-centred care to be successful it must involve everyone involved in the care and not just the person who is the patient. Likewise, The NMC Code (2015b) is designed to promote excellence in care
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