How The Obstacles That Changed My Life

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I have endured many obstacles in my life and these obstacles could not have come at the worst time, during college. The biggest heartbreak being my brother’s death and my second heartbreak being my mother’s unexpected heart surgery. My mother had open heart surgery just a month before the passing of my brother. She seemed fine at first then out of the blue she’s passed out and being rushed to the emergency room. At this moment I am very nervous and scared of the outcome of my mother. She is literally my heart and if anything ever happened to her I know for a fact I could not handle it. She is the BIGGEST supporter over my life. She always pushes me to stay on top of school and always encourages me to finish. She motivates me to accomplish anything I want in life and to always finish what I start. My mom and I are best friends and the moment she went into the hospital I lost a piece of myself.…show more content…
I tried one class the following year in 2014, but my head was nowhere near where it should have been. Even though I ended up with a C in the class, I was so frustrated that if I had taken more time to heal and mourn I would have passed the class with an A easy. My down fall was that I decided to try again the Spring of 2015 with 2 classes and that was a big mistake. I was not ready for school especially since I had taken on the responsibility of caring for my
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