How The Oceans Can Feed The World

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What if saving the oceans meant we could bring food to the hungry? Or something we 're doing because in return it creates jobs for local fishermen and preserves fishermen 's jobs around the globe? It 's even more than an economical quest as well. Saving the oceans can feed the world. As you already know, there are more than a billion people on this planet right now suffering from hunger. Unfortunately, we’re expecting this problem to worsen as the world’s population continues to grow, which will cause an immediate increase of stress on our food resources. Now that is a huge concern for all of us, since our operational land per capita is already on the decline in both developed and developing countries. Since climate change is happening, which will change rainfall patterns, making some areas drier, and causing droughts in places like the Midwest and Central Europe, and floods in others. These climate changes are going to make it more difficult for the land to help us solve this hunger problem. And that 's why the oceans need to be at their most plentiful, so that the oceans can provide us as much food as possible. (Oceana, 2015) Fortunately, the oceans are able to be that provider and have been for some time now. Since the 1980s, there’s been a sudden decrease in food that we’ve gotten from our oceans, which is about an 18-percent decline. This is a big problem and it 's continuing with no signs of slowing down. However, we have a solution to turn it around and we can do…
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