How The Olympic Games Have A Better Place By Encouraging Friendship, Togetherness And Fair Play

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Olympic Games

This paper is going to evaluate the extent on how the Olympic Games have lived up to the ideas and goals of olympisim. The paper will also evaluate key factors that have affected the Olympic Games and how it has affected the games. The paper will include on how racism have affected the Olympic Games.
The idea of Olympism was set up more than 120 years ago by Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Movement. He did this because he wanted to make the world a better place. He believed that this can be done though sport. He believed sport could help bring communities together, stop wars and promote healthy competition free from cheating and discrimination. Ultimately Coubertin wanted to show how sport can
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Olympism tells us that sport is a universal human right and we all should be free to practice it. Olympism is a great way to show how everyone in the world can better themselves. Pierre de Coubertin said; “Olympism is not a system it is a state of mind. It can permeate a wide variety of modes of expression and no single race or era can claim to have the monopoly of it”. ( )
Olympism was formalised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC. The IOC established on 23rd June 1894 and it continues to promote Olympism around the world. ( The WOA, honours the Olympic spirit by helping the 142 NOAs around the world run projects and events that support Olympians and that promote Olympism in the community.
Olympic ideas and goals
Goals of the Olympics is to break down barriers that could raise from, political, gender, race, or social background though sport. This allows everyone to be able to live together happy and to make a more free world for everyone. They will do this by educating youth through sport without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires an mutual understanding with the spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.
Idea that they Olympics have wanted to achieve, was that men and woman are equal and are able to compete. This was finally achieved in London 2012. Where the same number of men and woman competing, first time that this has happened been mainly
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