How The Online Casino Industry Become Recession Proof

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Blog 1 – How the online casino industry became recession proof Financially speaking the world is still recovering from the 2008 credit crisis. Various business sectors were ravaged by rising debt, with several companies not even able to carry on after the dust had settled. With many industries barely able to get by, it seems that one industry in particular managed to show true resilience during such trying times. Online casino gaming, while not exactly bulletproof, showed its strength as the financial world collapsed during the economic recession. Proving to be highly effective and experiencing advanced growth during the economic downturn, the online casino industry hasn’t just survived the economic recession it has managed to thrive in spite of it. Built to Last Back in 2012 the world was doing its best too turn around the economic faltering of various key business sectors. The online casino industry was actually pushing towards new heights while this was happening, as global revenues topped £14 billion, with several different factors contributing to the industry’s success. Booming Appeal The land-based casino industry has struggled for the best part of ten years to draw in new players, but online casinos haven’t struggled with the same issue. The introduction of Internet based technology has helped the industry grow, as the public have looked to find a form of entertainment that is befitting of the digital era. Names like Jackpot City Casino, Winner Casino, and Bet365

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