How The Organization Might Apply The Management Theories

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This assignment will evaluate how the organisation might apply the management theories. In addition, will analyse differences between motivating individuals and motivating teams. It will explain what manager skills required in motivating teams and how these elements affect the business decision making and manage the change in the organisation. Also, there will be discussion of how management theories help to fill their purpose. The most important factor to highly motivate a people, a manager should have an effective communication, planning, making decisions, problem solving skills. In addition, understanding team dynamics and encourage a good relationship.
Manager and its importance
The one of the most significant part of the business is the managers and how they operate, their leadership style in the organisation. The managers are the group of people who are responsible for planning, setting and achieving objectives, organising, commanding (authority to make decisions), co-ordinating, giving task for employees, controlling and achieving organisational performance in the business activity. Also, every manager has its own managerial roles and leadership style. There are main managerial roles, such as motivating employees, giving information from one department to another and decision making roles.
Motivation and its importance
Consequently, employees’ motivation plays a vital role in the organisation. Motivation (intrinsic and extrinsic) is a process related with
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