How The Other Half Lives, And Upton Sinclair 's Book, The Jungle, By Jacob Riis

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During the late 19th century and early 20th century, America increased drastically in industrialization, consumerism, and urbanization. With these increases a “Mass Consumerism” movement began and effected the middle class more than others. From the increase in consumerism, Thorstein Veblen introduced a new phrase called conspicuous consumption. This was indicated towards wealthy Americans that the best way to prove superiority is to show off their wealth. This negatively effected Americans and their perception on others. With the massive increase in industrialization and urbanization, Americans living in poverty and with poor jobs were mostly effected negatively than others. In Jacob Riis’s book, How the Other Half Lives, and Upton Sinclair’s book, The Jungle, it opened the eyes of Americans not living and working in these conditions. After the government and American people witness the horror some citizens must deal with, changes will occur and improve conditions.
Mass Consumerism affected American society by persuading Americans to buy certain items and making shopping more convenient. Middle class families were more affected from mass consumerism, because the middle class filled white collared jobs, and this would give them more disposable income to spend on whatever they like. Department stores were made to persuade and appeal to consumers, and these stores would carry all consumer needs, sitting and resting areas, and restaurants, to persuade people to stay longer in

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