How The Past Present And Future Has Given Our Society

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Unit 1 DB 1 PSF8606 Introduction As this learner looks around she can see how the past, present and future has given our society so many questions about other races, their cultural, and racial inequality, which can affected us in one way or another. This leaner thinks that the best example for this would be 9/11. It made some of us afraid and fears a certain individuals and their culture, based on the ground shaking history and image it left behind. Before, we might not have thought or paid much about these induvial or their culture, but after that day they were judged by the county they come from and was placed in a buck with a label that said, “all individuals from Iran and there cultures cannot be trusted because they are terrorist”. So, once this bell was rung, it set everything in motion and a culture was and will always be look at as terrorist who dislike Americans and the American way of life. In the public safety field why do we fear some cultures more than others? This learner believes that once our government as well as the public safety sector follow suit, with fear, uncertainty, lack of knowledge of a nations culture, and branded everyone as terrorist, well it fed those that was waiting for a reason to hate another nation, and created for some racial inequality, and fear that spread like wild fair for some radicals. But for the government and the public safety sector they had to show there strength either because they agreed with what had to be done or they did
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