How The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

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The Health Care Act How the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act came about started back with an idea back in the 1920s. With people not having the funds to afford to see a physician or visit the hospital and when they did, they did not have the funds to pay for the services that they received. It became an issue where many tried to figure ways to make it affordable for everyone to have some kind of coverage and to get more preventable services at the same time. From the Beginning Back in the 1920s, no one had health insurance. Hospitals back in the 20’s were known as the poorhouses where the indigent went to die. With the improvement of antibiotics and other medicines, people could actually get well and stay that way. Some…show more content…
In 1943, employer-based health care became tax-free by the Internal Revenue Service. By 1960s, around 70 percent of the public was covered by private or voluntary health insurance plan. In 2010, The U.S. Congress marked the greatest change in our health policy since the 1960s. This is when Congress enacted the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This law was intended to address the fundamental problems of the health care system. Key Features There are several key features of the P.P.A.C.A. that that made it seem popular. Some of these benefits were for women (lowering cost and covering preventive services). Coverage age for the young adults had been raised to the age of 26 and strengthening Medicare (free preventive services and yearly wellness visits). One important one was holding insurance companies accountable where they must justify any premium increase of 10% or more before the rate takes effect and making it so that pre-existing conditions would not keep a person from getting health insurance (Key Features of the Affordable Care Act. (n.d.). By allowing parents to carry their children longer on their own insurance will help young adults to become more stable in possible getting to further their education and get a better paying job that would offer them a better health care coverage. By offering to cover preventive services for women, children and the elderly would cut down on catching a serious illness sooner and that in it will cut down
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