How The Perspective Of War Changed Through The 20th Century

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How the perspective of war changed through the 20th century War has been a inseparable part of the human experience. Well for most of our specie’s existence at least. It was always a way to secure your interests when diplomacy hits a brick wall. However throughout the 20th century all that began to change. In this essay I will aim to explain how the perspective of war changed for the individual, the state and globally in the 20th century through reasons such as the democratization, globalization and the rise of more advanced weapons. This research question links with the topic “changing communities” as war affects the smallest community which in my option is the family to the largest which is the global community. The main body paragraphs…show more content…
Why is this important to the perspective of war? Well, democracies are less likely to fight each other. This is for several reasons. For example democratic leaders are forced to accept responsibilities for war losses, democracies are tend to view other democracies as friendly and finally democracies usually have greater public wealth and therefore avoid war to preserve infrastructure (democratic peace theory). This all led to countries that are democracies being less willing and likely to go to war. And there were many democracies popping up in the 20th century as according to a study by Freedom House, 67 countries that were dictatorships have fallen since 1972. This lead to a change in the perceptive of war as it is seen as needless as democracies now can cooperate with each other rather than kill each other as they view each other as friendly. However in China democratization does not really apply. China is not a democracy and it shows. China isn’t viewed in a friendly way by many democracies and, though it hasn’t happened yet. China can declare war much easier as public approval not as much of a problem as in other democracies. Secondly the rise of more advanced weapons also contributed to a change in the perspective of war. Ok lets again look at the Cold War. It never did get hot and this is for a reason; the rise of more advanced weapons and especially nuclear weapons. At the end of The Second World War humans harnessed the power of the atom and
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