How The Prince2 Methodology Can Be Implemented Into The Management Of Large System Development Project

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This report was carried out to find out how the PRINCE2 methodology can be implemented into the management of large system development project in other to produce the required outcomes from the project so as to reduce the chances of failure in the project. Thorough investigation into all aspects involved in managing projects with PRINCE2 such as: the variables controlled in project, how its principles can be applied in large project, the various process to be applied were carried out as well as the benefits and various issues associated with it. Based on the discoveries in this report, it proposes that PRINCE2 is of benefit to all project and not just limited to large software development project, it also discovered that a huge number of software development project fail due to schedule delay, budget overruns, quality issues, project cancellation. Employing PRINCE2 helps to identify these risks and help in the hindrance or reduction of the possible risk in the project so as to increase the chances of success in the project.

Table of Contents
Abstract 1
Introduction 3
Chapter 1- The Structure, Variables and Principles of PRINCE2 3
Structure 3
Varaibles Controlled in Large Sysytem Development by PRINCE2 4
Applying PRINCE2 Principles in Large System Development Project 5
Continued Business justification 5
Learn from experience 5
Defined roles & responsibilities 5
Managed by stages 6
Managed by exceptions 6
Focused on products 6
Tailor to suit the project…
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