How The Print Revolution Has Affected The Practice Of Orality And Oral Traditions

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The development of the print revolution has affected the practice of orality and oral traditions (Bagchi 2012). This essay will firstly discuss the development of print, in particular the revolution of the printing press, and secondly explain the impacts of the print revolution on oral traditions in the indigenous Australian tribes. The medium and meaning theory will be applied and discussed, which will allow for a stronger supporting argument. This is in relation to both medium and meaning theories. The medium theory discusses how a media can be influential in information growth, both physically and psychologically with technological changes occurring (Ellis 2009). Printing technology and orality’s are both in relation to the medium theory. The medium theory relates to printing technologies and orality’s as firstly, printing technology particularly relating to the printing press has changed communication in society as the technologies have caused an impact on human communication when they were introduced. Secondly, orality’s or oral traditions relate to the medium theory as the oral traditions by the indigenous Australians have been passed down and changed from one generation to another, which is still occurring in todays society. The meaning theories relate to oral culture and tradition, the theory states the act of speaking is communal, almost magical and the meanings are inspirable. In the pre print technology revolution era, which was pre fifteenth century, oral

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