How The Privacy Can One Person Actually Get?

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People wonder if they’re being watched while they play their favorite video game or if there might be a camera in the changing room at a clothing store. These are things that I have wondered myself. How much privacy can one person actually get? If someone were to ask me how many cameras I walk past every day, I would probably say just a few. Well once I began to really examine my day and pay more attention, I was a bit surprised. I get up in the morning and go to school. There are plenty of cameras watching my every move. There is also a camera at my job constantly watching me. There is a camera at the grocery store or that restaurant I visit after work and then cameras on the street while I drive home. I suppose privacy is something we can only get at home, or at least it feels that way. Not to mention, we tell everyone what we are doing and where we are going on social media. It is interesting to have learned all of the different rights that we have, but my favorite is The Right to Privacy. The Right to Privacy is defined as, “The qualified legal right of a person to have reasonable privacy in not having his private affairs made known or his likeness exhibited to the public having regard to his habits, mode of living, and occupation.” This is not found in the Constitution, or should I say, not directly stated. It can be found or recognized in the 9th amendment. The 9th Amendment states that, “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be…
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