How The Proposed Business Action Is An Innovative Idea

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Introduction This paper will cover the following: describe how the proposed business action is an innovative idea, explain the return on investment, create a vision of the idea, assess the resources needed, and assess potential interdepartmental and/or interorganizational relationship necessary to complete the proposal. Describe in what way your proposed business action is an innovative idea Have you ever had an accident and had to juggle with trying to find a legitimate collision repair shop to fix your car like it never got in an accident. But instead after all the repairs you are still not happy with the quality of repairs. My proposed business action for Famers Insurance is to have an automotive collision center that is under the…show more content…
Advertising would be very minimal since your customer will be notified of the collision center when they have an accident or when you have potential new clients to inform them on how serious your company is about the quality of repairs that you have your own body shop to do the repairs. The advantage of keeping everything in house would be cost effective because the money is not switching hands instead it is paying for a service to repair the customer 's vehicle. There would not be any ideas on how to scam the insurance company on ways to make the total claim amount higher so in turn the body shop makes more money for more unnecessary unethical repairs. In recent years due to the recession, a lot of local businesses were forced to close down due to lack of consumer spending. As of the year 2013 car sales has hit 15.6 million in sales up about eight percent from the year 2012. The increase in car sales means to increase in the insurance business in regards to premiums and that means higher employment rates therefor increase in chances of accidents which leads to increase in collision repairs and claims. As reported by Susanna Gotsch (2014) “According to data from the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, the number of U.S. shops specializing in collision repair in the U.S. has declined nearly every year between 2002 and 2011, with the largest drop occurring in 2010, and the final tally as of 2012 at just
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