How The Rainbow Was Made Analysis

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How the Rainbow Was Made is myth created by The Ojibwe Nations to explain the creation of a rainbow in an incredible way. This very intriguing myth describes the rainbows being made from two bluebirds playing around and dipping their feet into Nanabozho’s paints and then flying away causing the streaks of color to shine over the waterfall. From the text, it is easy to tell that these Native Americans lived in Northern America/Canada. This can be inferred because Nanabozho, the main character in this myth, talks about the “wide waterfall” outside of his house. It can be assumed this wide waterfall is also known as the Niagara Falls, which is located Northwest of New Buffalo, New York, and Southeast of Toronto, Canada. In this passage, he speaks about “Brother Son”, so it is easy to tell that they had a close relationship with nature, and looked highly upon the sun.
This particular story is very easy to determine which type of cosmogony is being told. A pure myth explains how a natural phenomenon works. In the story, they are explaining how the rainbow, a natural phenomenon, was made.Thus,this story is a pure myth. How the Rainbow Was Made is a exceedingly fascinating story that gives an entertaining way of thinking about how one was once created. Native American pure myths are surely a lot more amusing to think about than the scientific way of thinking today.

The Ojibwe Nation is and was primarily located in Northeastern North America and Canada. In the United States,
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