How The Rainfall Discharge Is An Urban Environment? Essay

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Introduction Rivers and streams are supplied with water that runs of the landscape surface and flows into the them, this area of land where this occurs is called a catchment (Holden, 2012).There are many issues that are related to urban hydrology and catchments, however, the most problematic and frequent one is flooding. Flooding occurs when high amounts of rainfall fall in the urban area and accumulates on the surfaces, due to the high development in urban areas. This is because most surfaces in urban areas are concreted, developed or highly congested with buildings, which results in the rainfall not being able to infiltrate into the soil due to these surfaces being impermeable (Davie, 2002). Therefore, the rainfall becomes runoff and makes its way into river systems which can cause rivers and streams to rise rapidly, resulting in localised flooding in urban areas. The aim of this experiment was to understand how the rainfall discharge in an urban environment will differ to a rural environment. Interpretations were able to be made from completing this experiment as to how and why the rainfall discharge differs between the two environments and what affects it could potentially have on the area of concern. The aim was achieved by simulating the two different catchment types and simulating rainfall to produce discharge results. A hydrograph was also produced from the results to allow analysis and interpretation of the results which was used to compare the two environments. It
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