How The Recent Acquisition Of Sunseeker Yachts

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How the Recent Acquisition of Sunseeker Yachts by Dalian Wanda affected Brand Equity

Name: Daniel Cripps
Student Number: 149029371
Word Count: 1675 Introduction
“From humble beginnings, Sunseeker have evolved from being a brand, to a global icon. Producing the finest motoryachts the world has ever seen” (Sunseeker, 2015). From this statement found plastered on Sunseeker’s home page it is clear to see the position the brand wishes to occupy in the mind of consumers. While they provide a function in the form of transport and accommodation, their brand is evidently a symbol of luxury and the epitome of the lavish lifestyle. At the centre of this position is the British heritage of yacht building, universally acknowledged as among the finest in the world. Sunseeker has enjoyed a positive Country of Origin (COO) effect for decades. However since 2013 when 91.8% of the company was acquired by Dalian Wanda Group, a Chinese conglomerate, the brand identity and equity is at risk from poor COO associations related to the Chinese ownership. This essay will explore, through the use of academic models and literature as well as carefully selected aspects from Sunseeker’s situation, the possible effects on brand equity as a result of the acquisition. The main areas of discussion are; whether COO effect plays a significant role in brand equity, the methods used by Sunseeker to control the COO effect and their degrees of success and finally whether the same issues apply in Asia and
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