How The Renaissance Changed Man 's View Of Man

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How the renaissance changed man’s view of Man

The renaissance changed Man’s view of the world and his place in it permanently. To know how it did just read this article it will talk about how artwork changed how the church lost its followers and much more.article.

During the RenaissanceRenaissance, people of all cultural groups started to use their unique skills as a way of understanding innovative forms of politics, social reforms, and thinking. This new attitude started to form a modernistic wave of optimismoptimism; one that believed man was capable of accomplishing great things.
Renaissance thinkers studied classical work for the prospect of discovering their own idealism. In contrast to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance changed man 's view of man through the decline in religious authority, perspective in art, advancement in anatomical studies, and discovery of cutting-edge astronomy. Before the Renaissance, the Catholic Church was an important part of a system that was based on allegiances between lords and vassals (the feudal system).
Society during the Renaissance shifted and became based on money instead of allegiances. The church had a hard time adapting to this new way of thinking.
For example priests and monks had long served as the religious teachers of the peasants, but as the commercial class began to grow, the priests found that they knew very little about the needs of this new class of people. These actions only further

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