How The Research Was Analysed

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How the research was analysed.

It was important at first to read through the data to digest the information. Then time was spent in thinking through the information gathered before reading through it again carefully. Through reading and rereading, 'implied meanings ' were gathered and links were found in the field notes and journals. The data was cross searched for patterns and dividing the data by type. Data was strengthened when it was repeated in more that one case and in more than one method (Soy, 2006).

Analysis and findings. Past and present leadership styles.

During conversations noted down through field notes, I began to reflect on my own past employment: 'My first job in early years 15 years ago was the complete opposite to the setting I work at now. There was no leading, staff were completely managed and so were the children. Practitioners were not expected to involve themselves in any day- to- day running of the playgroup nor use any initiative. There was no 'key people ' and interests of children were not followed. Planning was set for each week of the year and did not change or deviate from the pre-planned week ' (Reflective journal, 11th May 2014).

My past employment has given me an understanding of management and leadership from first hand experiences, this then lead to reflection on the research setting:

'The playgroup was originally run by two partners, Diane and Wendy. Their style of leadership was very different almost to the point of
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