How The Rube Goldberg Machine Works Step

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How the Rube Goldberg machine works step by step The initial energy is produced by an oscillating pedestal fan spinning from a straight position facing the camera towards the right, this action pulls the string attached to the wall by a piece of tape which acts as an obstacle at the beginning of the experiment it prevents the yellow ball from rolling down the diagonal track glued to the wall. The fan pulls the string, letting the yellow ball loose and it accelerates downward to the left, at a constant speed on the cardboard glued to the wall until the ball hits the clothes pins attached to the other lower diagonal cardboard track which lowers the speed for a couple of seconds. The ball gain speed and accelerates as it goes does the second track. It changes its direction to the right. The ball stops for a second as it hits the clothes pins clipped to the third cardboard track which acts like a barrier so that the ball does not descend continuously to the right and hit the floor. It decelerates for a second then gain speed. The ball increases its speed as it descends down the fourth cardboard track and move in the left direction. The ball strikes the cardboard box which decreases its speed and acceleration. It directs the ball into the semi-closed funnel which is slightly inverted toward the floor. The ball is falls into the blue plastic cup placed on the funnel track. The impact of this drop causes the toy car to slide down the orange curved trail. The car hits the tennis

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