How The Salem Witch Trials Impacted Modern Culture

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Hailie Lindblom Ms. Rosemann LA 10 22 December, 2015 How the Salem Witch Trials Impacted Modern Culture The Salem Witch Trials roused numerous pieces of literature, films, a theatrical performance, and changed the outlook of Salem, Massachusetts eternally. Understanding what happened at the trials, the tests accused witches had to go through, the execution of witches, and the victims of the trials is all necessary to better understand the impact the Salem Witch Trials had on modern culture. The Salem Witch Trials occurred in seventeenth century Massachusetts. The small Puritan town of Salem was first burdened with the accusations of witchcraft in January of 1692, according to the article “Salem Witch Trials” on “” The article also states that two local girls, Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams, began having violent fits accompanied with bloodcurdling screams (“Salem Witch Trials). When the girls never healed, the town doctor, William Griggs, was called to the girls’ homes says the article “The 1962 Salem Witch Trials.” After Doctor Griggs examined the girls, he diagnosed them with “being victims of black magic,” as stated in the article “Were Witches Burned at the stake During the Salem Witch Trials?” written by Evan Andrews. After the diagnosis had been made, five more young girls of the community began contracting similar symptoms (“Salem Witch Trials”). Accusations had been made among the townspeople. Three women accused by the girls of bewitching the,
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