How The School Operated With Its Attendance Policy

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“Fine,” I said, still talking through my clenched teeth. I then got down out of the cab reluctantly. The very next morning I had walked to school accompanied by the black cat that I had affectingly started calling Midnight. (She was the one that had eaten the can of tuna on my back porch. And she was also the one that had followed me through the forest after I had met Savannah.) When we had reached the school grounds, Midnight circled around me purring up against my legs so I bent down picking her up. As I nestled her soft fur against my face I gave her a snuggling hug and wished silently to myself that I could spend the rest of the day with her instead of dealing with the bitches and Mr. McLaren’s gay ass. Then, after spending more time than I should have holding the feline before the school’s front steps I’d figured that maybe tomorrow I would try an experiment to see how the school operated with its attendance policy. My plan was simple really. I was going to play hooky and then see if the school called my home or would send a letter in the mail notifying my parents of my absence. The way my plan worked was I would hang out down the road for a little while making myself purposely late for school by missing homeroom. Then, I would conveniently show back up at home telling my mama that I had forgotten something. Later on when the school would most likely contact my mama about my absence because attendance seemed taken during homeroom, I would tell…
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