How The Silver Screen Affects Women 's Fashion Trends?

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How the Silver Screen Affects Women’s Fashion Trends?
Today/Throughout History? Silver screen has the capacity to make not just a star of its leading women, but a fashion icon too. From Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to Julia Roberts and Keira Knightley, via Mia Farrow and Catherine Deneuve, some of Hollywood 's most successful stars owe a lot to their on-screen style. Moreover, during the 21st century, movies have been a powerful media in which to influence people’s style. Movies gave society a great way to see vintage fashion, including how to wear period accessories that accompany the clothing. As Esquevin’s (2008) state that in the United State there were 80 millions of people attended films every week. These huge
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That means the 1910 's has been very important to modern day fashion. Throughout the 1920s, American women began to closely follow the clothing, hairstyles, and makeup worn by movie stars (Roberts, A. 2013). In short, as seen from the fashion designer 's desk, LaVine (1980) illustrated that newspapers, fashion magazines, and the movies themselves opened up certain avenues to view the apparel of their favorite stars, both on and off the screen. During the early years of the “Golden Age” of Hollywood, on the other hand, people were having a few options for clothing due to WWII, which caused a ration on fabric. However, there were two main styles for adolescents, greaser or preppie. In short, greaser had the rebellious look with denim jeans and black leather jackets. Preppies, on the other hand, wore poodle skirts, scoop neck blouses and cardigans. One of the fashion trend that appeared during the golden age was the extravagant costumes, which including luxurious materials such as feathers, beads, and furs. This fashion trend gained a new importance in the public eye because of the materials, namely gems and sparkling beads usefulness and prevalence in film costumes. In fact, black and white movies was a significant contributing factor to make the extravagant costumes popular. Briefly, as Dyhouse, a
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