How The Socioeconomics Of A Community And Individuals Culture Has Prodigious Effects On The Food Consumption And Habits Of

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The first individual I interviewed was my little brother, Ikenna. The community in which we live in influences not only his eating habits but the citizens the questions I strategically asked him, in my opinion, were framing the concept of community, food, family, culture and its intercorrelation. I intend to link these factors to show how the socioeconomics of a community, and individuals culture has prodigious effects on the food consumption and habits of its constituents. On Question #1 Ikenna recorded, he not only eats food for energy but when he is stressed he eats for pleasure. With local fast-food restaurant chains within a 5 mile radius, it makes him susceptible to indulge in those pleasure foods when stressed. He doesn’t eat out…show more content…
While eating traditional foods, he doesn’t like eating with his hands so he eats with foods like Garri and Egusi soup and he doesn’t eat with his hands, however he prefers to use a spoon. My mother V. Okonkwo was the second interviewee. She and my father emigrating to America in ’95 instilled in me the rich culture of Nigeria and its traditions. Early on in our lives, my siblings and I acquired our eating traditions from her. At every family gathering or cultured function the ritual of breaking the kola-nut was led by a noble Man. On special holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas we consumed dishes like Jollof rice with stew and many more dishes. She rarely goes out to eat but rather cook large traditional dishes and try new recipes. The healthy International Food Market sells a plethora of West African ingredients which she loves to prepare for us. By her working two jobs it results in her being on her feet for long periods of times. This causes her to eat only energy dense meals. She typically consumes energy dense meals like Rice and Garri which are both starchy foods but her meals are not limited to those options. Starches are basically simple sugars. Energy dense foods are linked to higher incidence of diet related noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart diseases and certain types of cancer. Not only does she not incorporate exercise into her daily life outside of work, those excess sugars

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