How The Superintendents ' Leadership Program Transformed Me As A Leader? Essay

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Edilberto L. Oplenaria - SLP Batch 2 Division of Malaybalay City How the Superintendents’ Leadership Program Transformed Me As A Leader? The way I look at and feel myself today would readily reveal not only the palpable changes in me but the undeniable transformation that happened to my whole self brought about as a product of my undertaking the Superintendents’ Leadership Program. A number of my subordinates and local stakeholders have noticed that difference in my person since I subjected myself to the strenuous but enjoyable regiment of the Superintendents’ Leadership Program. The varied learning I gained from the program has added more intensity and sharpness on the way I enunciated and delivered my thoughts as made evident during my conduct of meetings, delivering speeches or ordinary talks and conversations and most of all when I gave instructions or interpret policies or guidelines. It appears that I am now better understood compared to the time when I was not yet able to set foot at the halls and façade of the Eugenio Lopez Center. On the Test of Integrity There were various occasions in the past that I failed to stand on the test of my personal integrity. At present, I can now say categorically that I understand the people around me better than before. This is made evident during all instances when I had the chance to interact with them. I had the depth and comprehensive understanding of the way people reacted and interacted with me. In the work

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