How The Supply Chain Has Evolved Over The Years

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The supply chain has evolved over the years. With new businesses that are on the rise in the competitive world it is important to stay on top. Different merchants create better deals that cause relationships between the suppliers and their customers to the end. I wanted to explore those relationships and research the history of the “supply chain”. I wanted to know how things were ran and how they are able to sustain business when the economy changes. How supply chain management has evolved In the 1940s and 1950s, the focus of logistics research was on how to use mechanization (e.g., pallets and pallet lifts) to improve the very labor intensive processes of material handling and how to take better advantage of space using racking and better warehouse design and layout. The "unit load" concept gained popularity and the use of pallets became widespread. In the mid 1950s, this concept was extended to transportation management with the development of inter modal containers together with ships, trains, and trucks to handle these containers. By the 1960s, a clear trend had developed in shifting more time-dependent freight transportation to truck rather than rail. This led to the need for joint consideration of warehousing, material handling, and freight transportation, which emerged under the label of "Physical Distribution." Since the 1980s, computer technology has advanced at such a phenomenal rate that it is currently far ahead of the ability of the supply and logistics field
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