How The Traumatic Events Affected The Adolescents

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I have not received help on this exam, nor have I given help to anyone for this exam. 1) As a researcher, an interview would be an enticing design to obtain insight to how the traumatic events affected the adolescents. Using a structured interview would allow my research to be easily replicated, as there would be a designated list of closed questions. Additionally, closed questions would be easier to test for reliability, as they are easier to quantify than other interview questions. Furthermore, having a set of closed questions would allow the interview process to move at a fairly quick pace, resulting in completing interviews in a short amount of time. Notably, structured interviews could be completed with ease, allowing my research…show more content…
Qualitative Research offers participants to be evaluated in depth along with open-ended questions that can be directed or generated in real time, as the conversation develops. Additionally, the direction of the research could be adjusted and revised as findings emerge. Selecting a qualitative research design would provide immense detail and provide an understanding of peoples experiences of the traumatic events. A qualitative approach would help establish patterns and change as well as assist in determining idiographic causation with the research interest. However, because the research would produce extensive data; interpretation, transcribing, and analysis would be time-consuming. Additionally, because of the open ended questions and the research being dependent on the researchers skills, participants as well as results may be influenced by research biases or researchers may influence the subjects responses. Likewise, the data collection would take an extended time, given the possible depth of each participants interview. Qualitative approaches additionally produce less generalizable results, and findings might not generalizable to people outside of the sample. Projective tests would be the last design I would consider. The major advantage of selecting a projective personality design would be the ability to collect a large amount of data. Likewise, the structure would not employ fixed questions and would allow for respondents to respond
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