How The Uk Government Policies Overcome The Barriers Elderly People Face When Accessing Healthcare Services

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In the UK people has more life expectancy and the proportion of elderly people is raising. Older people are soften frail and have more complex health and social care needs, which increase the pressure in the healthcare system. It has to meet elderly people needs, however, elderly people are to facing many barriers when accessing healthcare services. Some of these barriers are going to be studied in this research. Those are: transport, knowledge and information, and hospital discharge. UK Government is aware of the problems elderly people have in these areas and has policies to overcoming them, however older patients are still facing barriers that complicate their access to necessary services that compromise their health.

Aim and objectives
The aim of this research is to find the effectiveness of the UK Government policies to overcome the barriers elderly people face when accessing healthcare services. The objectives are:
• To know which barriers elderly face when accessing healthcare services.
• To know which policies is the Government implementing to reduce barriers.
• To understand elderly people perceptions about their access to healthcare service.
• Contrast data about access to healthcare services to see if there has been an improvement.
• Make recommendations on how to overcome the existing barriers.

Rationale for selection
My observation as a care worker for the elderly made me realise that they have many difficulties to access healthcare services. It…
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