How The United Kingdom ( Uk ) Could Exit The European Union ( Eu ) Essay

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There are several ways the United Kingdom (UK) could exit the European Union (EU). Differences between a Soft and a Hard Brexit are considerable and each prospect deserves thorough investigation in order to understand how it will affect British businesses. The evolution of the EU allowed years of institutional and political transformation through the creation of the European Single Market which benefited British businesses (Medrano, 2003). However, the UK has always been reluctant to European obligations and stood out rapidly from the rest of the members by keeping their own currency. Following the Article 50, outlining the right to quit the EU, the UK citizens decided to leave in June 2016. This result caused important concerns and uncertainty especially for British businesses. In 2017 negotiations between the UK and the EU will start, however the way it will happen is still very ambiguous. British firms will be able to lobby for their favourable outcome, as they are in a position of power and could possibly influence the government in their negotiations. As firms have a strong impact on decision-makers, it is important to clarify for which outcome they should opt to protect in the best way their stakeholders during and after the transition of UK. This essay will focus on the two possible outcome of Soft and Hard Brexit and will determine which one could be most valuable for firms (BBC, 2016). Therefore, which path should the British businesses lobby for in order to
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