How The Unprofessional Practice Affects Patient Care And Nurses Professional Image

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Student name: Nian Nian
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Unit Code: NSB018
Assessment item 3: Realising professionalism in Nursing Practice
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Introduction (147)
The role and responsibility of the nurse can be overwhelmingly complicated. Professional nursing is a fundamental component of health care, as patients and families view nurses as the foremost caring and trusted member of the multidisciplinary team (Van Wagoner, 2016). Unprofessional practice creates a threat to patient safety and can impact of patients feeling unsafe physiologically, psychologically and culturally ("Disruptive and unprofessional behavior", 2014).
This paper will firstly analyse the video “Crossing Professional Boundaries as a Registered Nurse” (Donoven, 2015) and from that analysis, unethical nursing practises will be identified and justified as to how they can impact patient safety. Additionally, this paper will discuss how the unprofessional practice can affect patient care and nurses professional image. Furthermore, changes in nurse Nickie’s behaviour and attitude will be reflected upon. The video is composed of four main characters; nurse Nickie, patient Ashleigh, Ashleigh’s brother Will, and Dr. Jacobs.
Task 1 (289)
1. Ineffective Communication
Professional nursing can be defined as an expectation of a nurse to demonstrate proficient behaviours in correlation with their profession (Gokenbach, 2012). Communication can be defined as the exchange of information,
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